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Influence Person
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Influence Person


ESL 91 D01B

Annie wu

 Draft 3

                                                         The most influential person

     My father is the most influential person in my life. He has told me how to be a responsible person. He also told me that I should be brave to deal with problems. The best thing that I have learned from my father is being a helpful person.

     My father works at a Chinese restaurant. He is a hard worker. He goes to work every day and is never late. He does his job well. He likes to finish his entire job before going back home. For example, on the eve of Christmas day my father came back home at two clock in the night time. I remembered that my mother was very worried about my father. We made many phone calls to him. After he came back home, my father told us that they were very busy on Christmas day. So he had to make a lot of food for that day. His boss is always very nice to my father. He said that my father is the best worker. My father told me that it was very important to be responsible for everything. He said if I want to do something well then I needed to work hard on it. My father said that my responsibility is to do well at school. So he always told me to go to school and finish the homework on time.

     Sometimes when I have problems, I am scared to face them. My father always gives me a hand and tells me to be brave. For example, the first semester of high school in America, I had a hard time learning English. My English was very poor. So I didn’t understand what my teacher was saying. I felt very uncomfortable. After school I went home, I told my father that I wanted to give up school. My father was smiling and told me that I should keep going to school. He said learning a new language is very difficult. But if I kept trying to do it, then it would be easier. I trusted my father. I believed that if I had confidence to face it, then I would get it, but I was afraid to speak up in the classroom. I also dared not to ask any questions. My father told me that when children learn to walk, they fall down all the time, but they still keep learning and they would succeed. He said every body makes mistakes and they also learn from making mistakes too. My father told me that he made mistakes while working, but he got a lot of experience from that. He said I should be more confident to face the problems.

       My father has many good characteristics. The deepest in my memory is being a helpful person. My father likes to help other people. He makes a lot of friends in his job. When his friends have problems, he is the first one to give them a hand. He is a very nice person. So my father has many best friends and they have a very good relationship with each other. My father always said that friends are very important to him. I am learning that from him. I like to make friends too. I feel happy when I help somebody out and then we become good friends. For example, the first day of class during the summer semester I was walking to the class. I saw a girl who was looking for something in the classroom. I went close to her and asked her if I could help. She told me that she was looking for her book bag. She lost her book bag when she went to bathroom. We were looking all around the classroom. in the end, we found her book bag in one of the tables. After this we became best friends.


My father said that the person who is educated would become a helpful person. I am the first person go to college in my family. When we have something writen down in English, I have to explain to my parents. I have a seven year old cousin who is in the first grade of elementary school. Every day I have to help him with his homework. My aunt doesn’t understand any English. She always calls me to help him with English. She is very happy to see me. She tells my mother that I am a good daughter. At the time, I understand why my father told me to learn English. I feel very happy to see the result from effort. That is my treasure to understand a new language. 

            My father is a very nice person; he is the best example for me to learn. I know that I have to learn a lot of things from him. He is a very good father. He takes good care of us. He is the most influential person in my life.

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